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Comprehensive Solution


1、Weather Modification Operation Equipment

(1)Weather Modification Operation Equipment

Rain-enhancement and Hail-suppression Rocket System:Rain-enhancement and Hail-suppression Rockets are mainly used in stratospheric and convective cloud environments. The rocket system seeding the chemical materials to the target cloud to affect the change of cloud micro physical structure, to achieve rain and snow enhancement and hail prevention.


(2)Ground-based Cloud Seeding System

The ground-based cloud seeding system consists of a ground seeding device (seeding furnace and control system) and a ground-based flares, which is mostly used for stratiform clouds, convective clouds and topographic clouds. The equipment is fixed-installed on the mountain slope with updraft. It can be remotely controlled by GSM or GPRS. The ground-based seeding device can be networked by multiple sets, which has the advantages of economy and convenience. Remote unattended operation can be realized for the solar power supply.


(3)Aircraft Cloud Seeding System

The aircraft cloud seeding system is suitable for most of the aircraft types, with a wide range of seeding area and large seeding amount.


(4)UAV Cloud Seeding System
The UAV Cloud Seeding System mainly consists of UAV, ground station, data link, airborne seeding system and airborne flares. The UAV Seeding System has the advantages of: Economical and convenient operation,Small size, light weight, easy to transport; Rotor vertical takeoff and landing, low site requirements; Flexible and Fast operation preparation.

(5)Weather Modification Operation Command System
Detection Sensor: Combined with ground-based microwave radiometer, dual polarization weather radar, laser raindrop spectrum, areal rainfall radar and other equipment, to cover the whole area andmonitor a large range of long-range.

Intelligent Command: The intelligent command platform is built by numerical prediction system (small and medium scale forecast system, short imminent forecast system), decision support system, weather modification operations system and equipment automation control system.

Weather Modification Operations: Using automatic rocket launchers, ground-based generators, UAVs, and other equipment to accurately operate the weather modification rain enhancement operation.


2、Rocket Overall Design Solution:
In the field of small guided rockets, the company focuses on the development of lightweight, miniaturized and low-cost guided rockets. At present, the company's first small guided rocket below 20kg has successfully filled the gap in the field of light guided rockets in China, and established the first-mover advantage and differentiated competitive advantage of small guided rocket products.
In the future, the company's small guided rockets will further develop in the direction of multi-mode guidance, multi-types of combat functions, and multi-types of loading platforms, so as to improve their applicability to various complex environments and further enhance their market competitiveness.


3、Rocket Motor Solution
Zhongtian Rocket Company has military research and production capabilities, complete research and production conditions, and sound professional configurations. We have a professional technical research and development team that includes overall design of rockets, solid rocket motors, electrical design, structural design, and other related fields. We have the ability to independently undertake research and production tasks for rocket systems, including overall design of small rockets, overall design of small solid motors, and design and production of launch and control systems. At present, the main military scientific research products include series of Sounding rocket systems, series of target rocket systems, series of fire extinguishing rocket systems, series of booster rockets and special rockets, military training simulation ammunition and other products.

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