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R&D (Research and Development)

The company is the only provincial civil rocket engineering research center in China.The compnay is the civil-use rocket supplier with the leading R & D strength, the largest market scale and the highest rocket sales in China.The company is the only one rocket overall design company in the Academy of Aerospace Solid Propulsion Technology(AASPT), which has the ability of rocket research and development, design, production, sales. The company has a science and technology committee team led by experts in various fields, and a R & D center team composed of technical leaders in rocket overall design, rocket motor, structural design, software and hardware development and other related fields. 



Production Capacity

The ability to produce 100,000 Rain-enhancement and Hail-suppression rockets.
The ability to R&D and production capacity of dual-use powder metallurgy products.
The ability to R&D of rocket launch systems, the production capacity of military products.
The ability to the overall development capacity of solid rockets such as guided rockets and sounding rockets.


Product Supporting Capacity

After decades of hard work, the company has formed a supporting supply network centered on the headquarters of the Academy of Aerospace Solid Propulsion Technology(AASPT), which is spread all over Xi 'an and radiates the whole country. Industrial support is complete and mature, and technology transformation is flexible and reliable. Taking the mature rocket technology and stable quality as the platform, the company has developed a series of rockets in the fields of weather modification, meteorological space exploration, disaster prevention and reduction, weapons and equipment.


Extension Service

The company has two sub-branch companies. Xi'an Chaoma Technology Co., LTD has been engaged in the research of carbon/carbon composite materials for more than 10 years, with strong R&D capability and sufficient technical reserves. Xi 'an Chaoma Technology Co., LTD is an early professional enterprise in the industrial production of carbon/carbon composite products in China. It also successfully obtained the approval letter from the manufacturer of aircraft carbon brake disc parts.
We focus on diversified products based on carbon/carbon material and carbon/ceramic composites. Three manufacturing sites, including Tianwang, Lantian and Yanliang, are engaged friction material and carbon/carbon thermal filed material from research to manufacturing. Moreover, those products are used in many industries such as aviation, aerospace, transportation, photovoltaic and electronics.

The Chaoma Technology, similarly with the whole aerospace industry, are constantly faithful to the “strict and prudent” attitude into work. Survive by quality ,progress by innovation. For our civil customers, we aim to provide carbon/carbon thermal filed products for monocrystalline silicon furnaces and brake discs used in large civil aircraft. The company has already developed advantages in technology, testing, manufacturing, market and maintenance. Those lead to us a supplier of high-tech material.

In addition, the company's key research and development projects such as metal smelting energy-saving systems, medical special materials and equipment have initially met the conditions for industrial development, and will form a new economic growth point in the future.

English Website: https://en.xacmkj.com/


Solid Rocket Motor Ablative Assembly

Xi'an Chaoma Technology Co., LTD is one of the few major enterprises in China that master the core technology of solid rocket motor composite materials. The solid rocket motor ablative components have been successfully matched for many types of solid rocket products in China, and have provided R&D and production services of motor ablative components for many military groups. Meanwhile, the company has obvious advantages in the control of military products (including military trade) development process and product performance stability, and its products have been acquired ratification by major domestic solid rocket assembly companies and scientific research institutes.


Intelligent Transportation Integrated Management  Program

Xi 'an Aerospace Sunvalor Electromechanical Equipment Co.,  Ltd is the sub-branch of Shaanxi Zhongtian Rocket Technology Co.,  Ltd. As a civilian-military integrated high-tech company,  Aerospace Sunvalor is based on the aerospace brand and adheres to the aerospace spirit,  applying aerospace sensing and measurement and control technology to the intelligent transportation field. After years  of development,  it has gradually become the industry’s leading intelligent transportation integrated management solution provider. The  company is committed to the research and development, production of intelligent sensing technology,  measurement and control technology, computer system integration and other products,  the business scope involves missile and rocket mounted mechanical and electrical equipment stand-alone equipment,  all kinds of mechanical sensors, instruments, testing systems and all kinds of weighing equipment.

In the future,  Aerospace Sunvalor will actively explore the integration of advanced technology and over-speeding control management,  greatly enhance the national intelligent highway informatization construction work,  continue to promote the safety improvement of the road network,  and fulfill the responsibilities of aerospace enterprises in the field of smart highway construction in China.

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