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Shaanxi Zhongtian Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and successfully listed in September 2020 (Zhongtian Rocket 003009). The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of small solid rockets and their extended products, and has been committed to promoting the transformation and application of the core technology achievements of space solid rockets, and actively developing the space intelligent manufacturing industry.  It is committed to transforming the achievements of space solid rocket technology at multiple levels and in multiple fields and applying them to the “three rockets”, advanced materials and measurement and control technology. Under the guidance of the national strategy of aerospace intelligent manufacturing, the company actively promotes the development and application of solid rocket technology in aerospace, aviation, weapons, new materials and other fields, and has formed strong product competitiveness and market influence in many business fields.  


The company’s main weather modification operating systems include rain enhancement and hail suppression rocket system, aircraft seeding system and ground seeding system, which can achieve artificial rain enhancement, hail suppression, rain suppression and other purposes. The company has become the largest integrated supplier of weather modification products and services in China. The products are applied in agricultural drought resistance, disaster reduction and prevention, water conservation, watershed water increase, forest fire prevention, ecological environment restoration, meteorological support for major activities and other fields.  


The core technologies of small solid rocket,such as general design technology,high performance material technology,measurement and control technology,are the foundation of the company's competitiveness.Relying on the overall design technology of solid rocket,the company has formed a series of small solid rocket business,such as rain-enhancement and hail-proof rocket,sounding rocket,small guided rocket,etc. Based on the high-performance material technology of solid rocket,the company has formed carbon/carbon thermal field materials and carbon/carbon composite materials industry, such as ablative components of solid rocket motor.Supported by solid rocket motor multi-parameter dynamic testing technology,the company has formed intelligent weighing system and measurement and control system integration business.
Under the guidance of the national strategy of aerospace intelligent manufacturing,the company actively promotes the development and application of solid rocket technology in aerospace,aviation,weapons,new materials and other fields,and has formed a strong product competitiveness and market influence in many business areas.
The company is one of the earliest enterprises to develop and produce rain-enhancement and hail-suppression rockets in China.It has participated in the formulation of industry standards for rocket operating systems for weather modification. The WR series rain-enhancement and hail-suppression rocket products have been used for many times to guarantee the weather for internaitonal or national large-scale important events, such as the Beijing Olympic Games,Nanjing Youth Olympic Games,Hangzhou G20 Summit,the 90th anniversary of the founding of the army in Zhu Rihe parade and other international or national organizations.The company's weather modification products have provided strong and powerful production for agricultural production,disaster reduction and prevention in Xinjiang,Shaanxi,Guizhou,Gansu,Yunnan and other places.
The company is one of the enterprises mainly engaged in the research and development of sounding rockets in China. At present, it has the most comprehensive sounding rocket type spectrum,the most widely used products and the most advanced technology in China.The sounding rocket products have successively served in marine exploration,Maqu Water Resources Protection Project,Taihang Mountains Region Shadow Operational Effectiveness Assessment,National Major Scientific Infrastructure Project"Meridian Project",Military Support Tasks in certain areas,and a number of major meteorological support and demonstration verification projects for both military and civilian purposes.It has created considerable economic benefits and established the company's leading position in the domestic sounding rocket industry.
The small guided rocket developed by the company is the first domestic guided weapon system with the characteristics of light weight,small size,long range,high accuracy,low collateral damage and high cost-effectiveness ratio.At present,the field integration,docking and airborne flight tests of several loading platforms have been completed.The main technical and technical indicators meet the requirements of the mission. It has not only received wide attention and clear requests from a number of countries along the "Belt and Road", but is also the focus of the domestic military's attention.
The company is one of the first companies in China to obtain the approval of the manufacturer of carbon brake disc parts for aircraft. At present, the carbon/carbon thermal field materials produced by needle-punched carbon/carbon products preparation technology with independent intellectual property rights are widely used by the main silicon wafer manufacturers in photovoltaic industry in China,such as Longji Green Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.and Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. In the international market, the company's products have been successfully sold to the United States, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries, and is one of the suppliers with the highest market share of carbon/carbon hot field materials for photovoltaics in China.
The company is one of the units that master the high precision test technology of solid rocket motor ground test in China.  The vehicle metering and charging system extended in the civil field using solid rocket measurement and control technology is one of the first vehicle weighing products applied to highway trucks in China. At present,the company's intelligent weighing system has been extended to most provinces and cities in China, with annual output and sales in the forefront of the domestic counterparts.
After the integration of parent and subsidiary companies, Zhongtian's overall demand for the two subsidiaries and the advanced materials and control technology of subsidiaries have played an obvious role in promoting the upgrading and transformation of the whole rocket technology, and the coordination effect has been continuously reflected.
With market demand as the traction, The Zhongtian Rocket has taken the initiative and played a role in economic construction and national defence construction, vigorously developing dual-use industries and striving to put into practice the majestic aerospace power of "providing strong support for modern national defence security, a powerful engine for national development and a strong impetus for enhancing comprehensive national power".

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